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Limitations in Future AI Video Development

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The limitations in AI video development include:

  • Data requirements: AI video models require a lot of data to train. This data can be expensive and time-consuming to collect.

  • Computational requirements: AI video models are computationally expensive to run. This can limit the number of people who can use them and the types of devices they can be used on.

  • Interpretability: AI video models are often not interpretable. This means that it can be challenging to understand how they make decisions.

  • Bias: AI video models can be biased. This is because they are trained on data collected from the real world, which can reflect existing biases.

  • Safety: AI video models can be used to create harmful content. This is because they can be used to generate realistic and convincing images and videos.

Despite these limitations, AI video development is a rapidly growing field. As AI technology continues to improve, it is likely that these limitations will be overcome. This will lead to the development of new and innovative AI video applications that can benefit society in a variety of ways.

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