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Midjourney art example, Latest AI software tools and advanced techniques are reviewed

Embarking on a digital art journey may seem daunting, especially for those new to the field. We can help. We will also share our firsthand experience of designing images of people, horror film creatures, and stunning landscapes in both realistic and futuristic styles. Let's begin!

1. Join Midjourney Discord and verify your Discord login.

2: Find a Newbies Channel

Image of the Sidebar for Midjourney's Discord server highlighting the newbie channels. On the Midjourney Official Server select any newbies-# channel visible in the left sidebar.

3: In the input box at the bottom of the screen se the "/imagine" Command.

The "/imagine" command, or prompt, generates a unique image from a short text description.
Type /imagine prompt: or select the /imagine command from the slash commands pop-up.
Type a description of the image you want to create in the `prompt` field.

Click return to send your message.

The Midjourney Bot will generate a pop-up asking you to accept the Terms of Service. You must agree to the Terms of Service before any image will be generated. If you don't see a pop-up when typing the /imagine command, try logging out, updating the Discord app, and logging back in.

4: Processes the Job

The Midjourney Bot takes about a minute to generate four options.

Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after generating a grid of images.

Generating an image activates the free Midjourney trial.

5: Upscale or Create Variations

After the initial image grid has finished generating, two rows of buttons appear:

Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after generating a grid of images
U1 U2 U3 U4
U buttons upscale an image generating a larger version of the selected image and adding more details.

V1 V2 V3 V4
V buttons create slight variations of the selected grid image. Creating a variation generates a new image grid similar to the chosen image's overall style and composition.

Web: Open the image in your gallery on

7: Save Your Image

Click on the image to open it to full size, and then right-click and choose Save image. On mobile, long tap the image and then tap the download icon in the top right corner.

All images are immediately available to view on

Sign In with Discord to view.

Personal Experience: Crafting a Horror Film Creature and a Gorgeous Landscape

I followed the same steps above to design a horror film monster and a breathtaking landscape. For the monster, I selected a base image of a chilling creature and added sharp teeth, luminous 

eyes, and a dark, foreboding background. The image on the top of this page was created with the prompt "middle-aged man confronting a monster that is a hellish ghoulish monstrosity frightening and fierce.


I explored both the realistic and futuristic settings, which yielded distinct visual styles. The realistic setting produced a more convincing and terrifying appearance, while the futuristic setting infused the image with a mysterious, supernatural quality.

For the picturesque landscape, I began with a base image of a tranquil lake encircled by mountains. I modified the colors to generate a vivid sunset and incorporated futuristic elements, such as levitating islands and advanced structures. The realistic setting rendered the landscape like a stunning photograph, while the futuristic setting transformed it into an enchanting, dreamy scene.

Conclusion: offers an enjoyable and straightforward process for individuals of all skill levels to create custom images. With an extensive range of personalization options and user-friendly tools, your unique visions can come to life. By following this comprehensive walkthrough, you'll be well-equipped to generate striking visuals in both realistic and futuristic styles. So, don't hesitate any longer! Visit Midjourney and unleash your artistic potential today!

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