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Creating video from text with OPENAI's  Sora, an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions.


Sora can generate videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to the user’s prompt.

Today, Sora is becoming available to red teamers to assess critical areas for harms or risks. OpenAI is also granting access to a number of visual artists, designers, and filmmakers to gain feedback on how to advance the model to be most helpful for creative professionals.


They’re sharing research progress early to start working with and getting feedback from people outside of OpenAI and to give the public a sense of what AI capabilities are on the horizon.


Lets you develop a script, select background music, and text to narration voice, and related video clips to build a story video.


This video started as a scripted story listing adventures and then appropriate video from the web was searched and stitched together to produce the final video.  It took only a few minutes to produce. 


This is an example video output.


1. Create a text script for you video story and input it into Steve.AI​
2. Select appropriate video categories for the story and let AI select individual sections. ​
3. Select a narrator to read the script as the stroy progresses.
Runway - Text-to-Video Software - is a creative suite that uses AI software toools for beginners to help you create videos from text. Using Named Entity Recognition you simply type in a description of your video, and Runway will generate it and it is very accurate at matching your description. Runway had options to generate, images, 3D, and video and allows uploading an intial video to act as a base.

In our tests, Runway generated videos that were very close to what we had in mind.​ We used the text prompt, "a girl walking in the sand on Waikiki Beach at sunset" to generate the above video.
Pika Labs stands out as a vibrant hub for transforming your textual visions into animated reality. Its free-to-use platform leverages the power of AI to seamlessly translate your prompts into short, dynamic videos. Imagine crafting a scene with lush landscapes or a bustling city street – Pika Labs breathes life into these descriptions, offering variations to refine your masterpiece. Its communal setting adds a playful twist, allowing you to witness others' creations and glean inspiration for your own. While the outputs may not yet rival high-end animation studios, Pika Labs excels in its accessibility and collaborative spirit, making it ideal for budding storytellers and casual experimenters.
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